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If you are struggling with anger, or any expression of anger such as irritability, impatience, or lack of tolerance, we can help. 

Anger is a natural expression of feeling stressed, anxious or depressed. It is a ‘primitive option’ our brain offers us at times when we feel ‘attacked’, or we feel as if someone is encroaching into our territory. Of course this may be mental or emotional territory too. Anger can also be a learned pattern from caregivers during our childhood.

Anger is a way of increasing our physical strength so we can defend ourselves if we feel under threat. Therefore when our stress rises, anger is a common feeling. 

We may experience anger towards others, towards situations in life (especially if something feels unfair), and all too often towards ourselves. It can be a very destructive force in our lives, and as it is intimidating to others, it is far less socially acceptable than anxiety or depression.

At The Observatory Practice we understand the nature of anger, and can offer you help to manage and reduce feelings of anger.

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