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Supervision is an opportunity for clinical  practitioners to discuss casework in a supportive and confidential environment, allowing for reflection and encouraging best practice, growth and development.

Supervision is an essential part of ongoing therapeutic practice, and is a requirement of all professional associations.

Group and one-to-one supervision are avialable with Jo Perry.

Sessions are held at The Observatory Practice, and online. See below for dates of group supervision sessions.

What Happens At Supervision?

  • During supervision, practitioners can review their work in order to learn from experience and improve their practice. The focus is to achieve the best possible quality of service for clients.
  • Practitioners are encouraged to examine their practice, and to recognise their strengths, as well as identifying areas for improvement and further development.
  • You will discuss client cases (confidentiality is maintained), and any areas of your work or practice that you feel would be helpful to address.
  • Supervision is also helpful to keep practitioners up to date with the latest developments within the field of therapy, and to discuss research and developments pertaining to practice.
  • In group supervision you will learn a lot from other practitioners’ experiences too.
  • All  sessions are engaging and supportive, with a focus on inspiring practitioners to become the best they can be.

What Types of Supervision Are Available?

At The Observatory Practice, we offer

  • Group supervision sessions, and
  • One-to-one supervision sessions


Who Runs Supervision Sessions?

Supervision sessions at The Observatory Practice are with Jo Perry, clinical hypnotherapist of ten years, IHT senior lecturer, and clinical supervisor. Find out more about Jo here.


What Does It Cost?

£30 group session (2 hours)

£30 one-to-one (30 mins)

£60 one-to-one (1 hour)

Group Supervision Dates 2023

Saturday mornings, 10am–12pm:
  • 21 October
Tuesday evenings, 6–8pm:
  • 19 September
  • 21 November

Please book in for group supervision sessions.

One-to-one supervision can be arranged on an individual basis. Please get in touch to arrange.