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Hypnotherapy is especially beneficial for anxiety and any conditions that are brought on, or made worse, by anxiety.

Anxiety serves a useful purpose in helping us to stay alert and vigilant to danger. It also helps us to mobilise our body quickly if we are in danger. When a threat is perceived, signals are sent from the brain to the body to enable very swift action to take place, without the need for us to analyse and think about the situation first.

We might experience anxiety in these ways…

  • racing heart
  • quick, shallow (chest) breathing
  • sweating
  • cold and clammy
  • chest pain
  • butterflies, or upset stomach
  • need to go to the toilet
  • unable to speak
  • freezing, or being unable to move
  • jittery arms, hands, legs or feet
  • jumpiness
  • negative thoughts
  • feelings of unease
  • faintness, or fainting
  • tightness in throat
  • and many more…

In our modern day lives, we can often experience chronic anxiety because the ‘threats’ that we are perceiving as dangers never really go away. The stresses of life can build up until we become more and more anxious and feel that life is somehow ‘unsafe’.

When we experience chronic anxiety, we might also notice other unwanted symptoms such as lack of sleep, IBS or stomach problems, low immunity (constantly being run down, coughs, colds, unable to fight of viruses, etc), unable to concentrate or remember things, lack of interest in life, sexual problems, general feelings of stress and overwhelm, and so on.

At The Observatory Practice we understand how difficult it can be to experience feelings of ongoing anxiety. We can help you in many ways by explaining how and why we suffer from anxiety, using psychotherapeutic tools to focus on positive steps forwards, using trance to induce relaxation and change, and teaching you tools and techniques to help outside of our sessions.

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