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IBS & Digestive Issues

At The Observatory Practice, we understand the impact that IBS and stomach or digestive problems can have on your life.

The digestive system is unfortunately one of the first body areas to be negatively affected when we begin to feel stressed. When we feel stress, the body switches into our sympathetic nervous system whole it decides whether the stressful thing we’re experiencing is a danger. During this time, a multitude of physiological changes take place in the body and brain on order to prepare is to run from the danger if necessary.

Part of this preparation includes diverting all available energy to the limbs, and away from the less immediately essential functions such as digestion.

When the stress is over, and we can switch back into our parasympathetic nervous system – also know as ‘rest and digest’ mode – our digestive system will start to work properly again. At The Observatory Practice we are used to hearing gurgling tummies on the couch, which is a great sign of clients relaxing and allowing their stomachs to restart the digestive processes.

However, so often in life we are unable to entirely ‘switch off’ the stress. And therefore we find that stomach or digestive problems continue and become chronic.

We can experience stomach problems such as:

  • bloating
  • gassiness
  • cramps
  • diarrhoea
  • constipation
  • needing to be near a loo all the time

IBS and stomach issues can interfere in a significant way with your life. Often, clients will feel unable to participate in everyday activities, or be afraid to venture too far from a toilet. Sometimes, people may become obsessive about where toilets are, planning entire trips or days out around this.

We can help you to manage, cope with and calm your IBS and digestive issues with hypnotherapy. It is a safe, gentle and effective way to help you get your quality of life back and be able to move forward. We use relaxation techniques to calm the nervous system, to deal with the stress, and to help the digestive system (and all of the body and mind) operate at their best.

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