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Insomnia & Sleep Issues

Hypnotherapy is especially beneficial for sleep related problems as we place such a big emphasis on the importance of sleep. Getting a reasonable amount of sleep is vital to our wellbeing in all respects – mentally, emotionally and physically. If we are not sleeping, it is very easy to become obsessed about sleep (or the lack thereof), and to start negatively predicting that we won’t sleep well. And unfortunately, this often becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy.

We are very keen for all our clients to improve their sleep patterns, regardless of whichever condition they have presented with. But it is often the case that stress, anxiety, depression and many other anxiety-related conditions seem to have a detrimental effect on sleep anyway.

When we are under stress, the primitive vigilant part of the mind thinks we might be in some sort of primitive danger, and therefore does not especially want us to go into a deep, relaxing sleep. After all, we may just be attacked by a tiger while we’re happily dozing away. So having trouble going to sleep, or waking during the night and being unable to get back to sleep are often the resulting problems.

At the other end of the scale, we may be over-sleeping, and still feeling exhausted. Again this is a primitive survival mechanism that allows us to sleep through dangerous times as long as we are safely tucked up in our ‘cave’.

Whatever type of sleep problem you are experiencing, we are able to help. Our professional and highly experienced therapists can help you get your sleep back on track through understanding the brain, and our response to stress, using relaxation techniques, and a future-focused therapy that allows you to retrain your brain and work towards solutions.

We offer a FREE Initial Consultation when we can talk about how you are experiencing sleep issues at the moment, and the impact it is having on your life. We will explain how sleep can be impacted by stress and negative thinking, and what happens in the brain when we experience stress. We will tell you how hypnotherapy can help you to learn to relax, so that the body and brain can operate at the their best. We will also give you a relaxation track to listen to each night to reinforce the positive process of therapy and help you begin to enjoy a better quality and quantity of sleep.

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