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OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder) is a condition in which a person is compelled to repeatedly carry out certain acts or ‘rituals’ in order to feel safe. This can involve obsessively rechecking things (locked doors, windows, electrical sockets, etc) sometimes many times every day. It could also take the form of hand-washing or an obsession with germs or dirt. A person with OCD may ned to compulsively count or arrange things in certain ways. They may also feel an impulse to collect or hoard items, sometimes being totally unable to throw things away. OCD can also involve distressing and intrusive thoughts relating to violence or harming others or oneself, or the strong feelings that others’ lives may be adversely affected if rituals are not performed correctly.

These behaviours and symptoms usually cause great distress for the sufferer, and can be extremely difficult for the person, and their partners, family and friends, to handle.

Hypnotherapy can help with obsessive thoughts and OCD by calming down the primitive, emotional part of the mind that encourages us into compulsive and obsessive thoughts and behaviours for our ‘survival’. By gently reducing the stress in your life, we can relax the obsessive part of the mind, helping it to realise that this behaviour is no longer necessary for your wellbeing.

We offer a FREE Initial Consultation when we can talk about how you are experiencing OCD issues at the moment, and the impact it is having on your life. We will explain how the brain works in relation to OCD and obsessive thoughts. We will tell you how hypnotherapy can help you to learn to relax, so that the body and brain can operate at the their best. We will also give you a relaxation track to listen to each night to reinforce the positive process of therapy.

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