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Phobias and fears

Here at The Observatory Practice we understand the effects that a fear or phobia can have on a person’s life. A phobia will often result in someone avoiding any situation in which they may encounter the object of their fear. In some instances, this may be very difficult, and may result in many situations being avoided, and life becoming less and less fulfilling. 

Here are some common phobias and fears we deal with. If you do not see the issue you wish to resolve please contact the practice.

  • Heights, enclosed spaces, childbirth, spiders, snakes, dogs, other animals, germs, needles, blood, sickness, sex, open spaces, flying, blushing, insects, buttons, public speaking, cotton wool, death, dentist appointments,  MRI scans, smear tests, other medical procedures, crowds, social fears and anxieties, and many more…

By using hypnotherapy we can gently help the brain to let go of the intense negative association with the object of the fear, and begin to associate it with a more neutral (and in some cases positive) level of emotion. This will prevent the recurrence of extreme reactions in future to the object or situation that has caused you problems so far. 

We offer a FREE Initial Consultation when we can talk about how you experience the fear or phobia, and the impact it is having on your life. We will explain how fears and phobias are created, and what happens in the brain when we experience the object of our fear. We will tell you how hypnotherapy can help you to allow your brain to reappraise the fear, and downgrade the emotional response associated with it, so that you are no longer negatively triggered when you encounter it.  We will also give you a relaxation track to listen to each night to reinforce the positive process of therapy.

Contact us to see how we can help…

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