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Anti-Smoking/Vaping Therapy


At The Observatory Practice we offer a powerful Anti-Smoking/Vaping Therapy Session to help you give up for good. We put you in the best possible place mentally to finally make the decision you want to make regarding smoking.

During your session we will:

  • Discuss your specific smoking or vaping habit in detail to allow your intellectual mind to begin to rethink the habit.
  • Explain how the brain works regarding your smoking habit,
  • Discuss what we can do to help you finally let go of this habit once and for all.
  • Use the powerful state of trance to help your mind rethink the habit, and choose a new journey as a non-smoker/vaper.

We will provide you with a Relaxation/Sleep Track (MP3) to help keep you relaxed and on course as you move forward in your new, healthier life.

If you are ready to take this important step forward for yourself, and your loved ones, get in touch with us now to book your Anti-Smoking/Vaping Session with one of our experienced practitioners.


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